1st grade visits the garden

First Grade loved the first three garden visits. With Erica's thoughtful guidance we discovered all the different kinds of seeds that the garden had produced. The class enjoyed gathering a collection of all those differently shaped plant babies: The hard or fuzzy ones, big or small, prickly and soft ones found a place in a little cup to proudly be carried home. Further we pondered about the question "why does a plant produce seeds, and what are some ways plants spread their seeds?". We learned about the burrs, the berries, the beans and the dandelion. To close our first day in the garden, we weeded a bed and sowed winter rye.

A few weeks later, and the rye growing with strength, the class was delighted about finding left-behind carrots still in the ground in another bed, which, carried back as trophies, got eaten within the next recess. The kale that we harvested was turned into kale chips a few days later!

On our third visit in the fine autumn weather, we learned how to plant bulbs by using a little shovel. Making sure there was no other person's hand in the bubble around one's own tool, which always moves away from the body into the ground, and has to be carried with the sharp end facing the ground. Those shovels also came in handy to dig up lots more old plants that had to leave and go to the compost to prepare another winter bed.

Thank you Erica for your guidance, it was a deeply satisfying experience to dig and grow and eat the harvest!

With gratitude,

1st grade

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